Envision your dream...


I met you two years ago at Nicole Hoffmann’s home (my daughter) through Sondra Peugh. I have kept a dream board near my RV desk (we travel) and it has given me so much inspiration. A couple of the things on the board have not become as prominent as others. I found a quote that says “Today is the day I wrote my own story” and that has been the greatest influence on the board. I am currently writing a Christian Romance novel, but am in the very rough foundations of figuring out how to publish it; either self-publish or go through a publishing company. I’m a little overwhelmed with all you have to do and unfortunately, can’t swing attending a Christian Writers’ Conference this fall. I have hope in this area, though, as ACW offers other locations for next year.

Meeting you and doing my own dream board has been such a benefit. It’s funny how you see something every day and don’t even really think much about it, but it seeps into your subconscious and works! It was my pleasure to meet you.


Alicia Whittle


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