Finding Balance in Life

“I need to find more balance in my life.” “My life is so out of balance right now!” How often have you made statements such as these? Especially when we feel pressured by deadlines, pulled apart by multiple demands, and tugged at by our own need to “hear ourselves think” we can really start to feel off and on the brink of complete craziness. That’s when we tell our friends that we just need to find some balance or we need to get away for a while to gain some perspective. The issue is that balance doesn’t always look like balance.


For instance, nature is always in balance, whether we’re in the dead of winter or the new birth of spring. Yet, in one instance, everything lies dormant and in the other all is bursting with new life. Taking a lesson from nature, there are times when we can enjoy more rest and quiet and then there are times when we need to step it up and get into action. But just because we’re in a time of high energy doesn’t mean we’re out of balance. Nor does it mean that times of rest warrant complete collapse.

The trick is to really enjoy those times of downtime and use them to decompress, rest, and regroup—being in the present moment with the need and/or ability to move more slowly. Then, when it’s time to kick things into gear—because our work, our families, or the time of year require it—we can be in that moment too with a renewed vibrancy. Again, that’s exactly what nature does.

So…balance doesn’t mean equal. It doesn’t mean that the scales of justice sit at the same level at all times. Those scales may tip in one direction or another, depending on what is weighing down on them. Balance means that we allow for the ebb and flow of life and move with it as needed. It means that if the demands get to be too great, we look at what we need to adjust or where we may have to let certain things go. And it means that in those quieter times, we don’t necessarily need to fall exhausted into our beds and stay there for days. We can rest without needing to completely check out. So, balance is less about extremes and more about adjusting as necessary in the moment.

Here are two things you can do to be more in balance, no matter what is happening in the moment:

Prioritize—think about what is more important for you to accomplish and why. Ask yourself: What is the benefit of focusing on these items? Will it give me more time for myself and/or my family? Will it provide additional opportunities and/or more income? Weigh each action that you contemplate taking and look at what you want, and why you want it, to be sure those actions make sense.

Be flexible—stability is not balance. The more we cling to the status quo to hold us in balance, the less we rely on our internal strength and flexibility to adapt. Again, take a lesson from nature. It adapts. So can you! Because balance is not a fixed point, but always moving forward, we must move forward as well. That means it is essential for us to embrace change and allow ourselves to evolve. Rather than resisting change, adapt to it.

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