Transitioning into the future...

I was asked by my friend to go with her to a vision board class led by Deb Roffe.  At the time that I attended the class I didn’t really think I could put anything on the board.  My life was in a huge transitional state.  I had just become an empty nester with my daughter off to college and was filing for divorce after 15 years of marriage.  I had no idea what or where I belonged next in life.  As a mom and wife, your life is focused on the family.  When that ends, what do you do?  That was my dead-end road.  The vision board and more importantly, the coaching and mentorship that Deb offered throughout the class helped me to sit back, take a deep breath and look deep.  What did I want do?  What did I really want to do with the rest of my life?  I’m an active individual and waiting for the children to visit at Christmas just didn’t seem to cut it. 

Through her meditation and guidance I was able to create a vision board that I keep in my office today.  It has now become my goal and I do not believe that I could have faced these very hard empty nester questions without the guidance of Deb.

I recommend this course to anybody at any point in their life.  Even if you have a plan, the vision board process helps you look deep and turn the heart of your desires into concrete goals that can be realized. Nothing is achieved in one day.  But, the vision board reminds me where I’m going and what actions I need to take today to fulfill my future dreams. 

Additionally, I did several sessions with Deb as a Life Coach after this course and her caring, insightful listening helped me find out more about myself than 50 years of life ever had.  Without her coaching, I do not believe I would have made so many of the positive steps I have taken today to take charge of my life and set it on a path that I enjoy walking every day. 

Anita M. Walker

Eating Disorder Center of Denver

Chief Financial Officer

Envision your dream...


I met you two years ago at Nicole Hoffmann’s home (my daughter) through Sondra Peugh. I have kept a dream board near my RV desk (we travel) and it has given me so much inspiration. A couple of the things on the board have not become as prominent as others. I found a quote that says “Today is the day I wrote my own story” and that has been the greatest influence on the board. I am currently writing a Christian Romance novel, but am in the very rough foundations of figuring out how to publish it; either self-publish or go through a publishing company. I’m a little overwhelmed with all you have to do and unfortunately, can’t swing attending a Christian Writers’ Conference this fall. I have hope in this area, though, as ACW offers other locations for next year.

Meeting you and doing my own dream board has been such a benefit. It’s funny how you see something every day and don’t even really think much about it, but it seeps into your subconscious and works! It was my pleasure to meet you.


Alicia Whittle


Coaching for life...

Hi Deb,

I just wanted to keep in touch as I continue on my new adventure in Colorado Springs. I have been at this new job now for about 3 months and love it. I am learning so much and evern though it is a steep learning curve, I really like it. I am much happier as well and the stress level is so minimal. It is wonderful. I am even healthier and am almost completely off my IBS medication. YEAH!! I will continue to check your Life Coaching website and will probably come to you new year vision board workshop because, by then, I will need to create a new one! Thank you again for everything, your help, support, and guideance. I could not have made it through my last job without you and learned so much. I really appreciate it and will continue to keep in touch. Thank you again and I hope to see you soon.


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