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  • Waves of Grief

    It has been a little more than a year since my mom died on April 21, 2011. When her birthday rolled around for the second time this past August 5th my reaction took me by complete surprise. I had been focusing on the upcoming date of August 10th, knowing that this year Read More

  • Vision Board Success

    In January 2011, as I created my vision board, I thought about what I wanted to manifest in the upcoming year. One thing we desperately needed was a new couch! I came across a picture of a beautiful one sitting in sand. It spoke to me and just had to go on my board, no Read More

  • New Beginnings

    This October I will become a grandmother for the very first time. I am excited and so ready for this new phase of my life. Many who know me well have heard me say for quite a while that I could hardly wait to have grandchildren. That long-awaited dream is now becoming Read More

  • Life Goes On

    Life Goes On - Riding the Ups and Downs

    This summer has been an incredible rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, twists and turns. A snapshot of what life is truly all about. And a reminder of what’s truly important Read More

  • Grieving - hopes...

    Grieving What Could Have Been

    My son Matt has been clean and sober for over five months now. What an amazing accomplishment this has been! And how wonderful for his dad and me to see him engaging once again in life. I see the possibi Read More

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Each of my angels is unique and different, made out of scrape glass and decorated with jewelry (Grandma’s junk jewelry). They are all hand-crafted and a labor of love.